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As a medical student the dr makes me cringe The research is really out there people we are going to look back on this in a decade and cringe hard Of course its your choice to follow any diet you want, but when we talk about health reasons, plant based is the way to go Sorry sister you will hate me for saying this but the Fenty Beauty one was almost perfect! Welp looks like if you want to play shenmue 3 you need to get a nice eyepatch, fancy hat and scurvy I don't think little James would see himself getting to 10 million subs and bathing in a bathtub of sprinkles in the future! Me I'm smashing the subscribe button duh?.

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I remember a while back I was against this but like after watching this it makes sense Is it just me or should this video only be about 2-ish minutes long? Plz make this a series or make it its own channel I would most likly sub to it so cute! Brazilian booty xxx You named your children boy and girl but in the ending you named them Olympia and tom.

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Latex reactor reflux condenser Disney must have a profound hatred for the Star wars series They deliberately ruined star wars But this video is gold Video ini membuktikan pribahasa orang tua dulu itu benar banyak anak banyak rezeki karna alloh lah yang menjamin rezki setiap umatnya bukan orang tuanya, orang tua adalah jalan rezeki bagi anak nya video nya keren mantap. That's literally black market product in those duffle bags I mean syringes held together with rubber bands?? Do you think it can regrow her a brain?

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Need more need soundtrack need high ground My fave finalist was definitely the fenty! Stop retelling the same stories over and over again and just make a NEW movie By new movie I don't mean an old movie with a new coat of paint on it, I mean a new story This practice of movie making is lazy and pitiful. College teen virgin I relate so much with the "Tea Tea" comment Hey love all of your videosi wanted to ask that in all the videos when the title MISUP comeswhich song plays in the backgroundpls can anyone tell me Carter I will beat you In 1v 1 in fortnite My father your hair is what made me gay you are so handsome I'm dying.

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This guy is such a famewhore! He is such a king Proud to say I was here from the beginning. Epic in Season 9: Oh yeah sure.

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Am I the only one who feels like Sam was actin weird?? Behinde sam there is like a circle with a cross inside Add a subtitle in brazilian portuguese please! The fenty one is the best match!


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