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In fact, thumb pain and arthritis have reached epidemic levels, and you can only imagine how much worse it could get as the younger generation who has never known life without an electronic device in their hand, ages. However, in all but the most extreme cases, we give thumb surgery a big thumbs-down. The nerves that supply the thumb exit the spinal canal in the cervical region of the spine or at the neck level.

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Arthritis around the base of the thumb is a very common complaint. This is usually due to normal wear and tear, caused by the demands placed on the thumb during our everyday activities. Arthritis can cause pain, stiffness and deformity in the thumb.

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Review the clinical presentation of basal joint arthritis, conservative management strategies, when surgery is indicated, and what patients can expect after surgery. The basal carpometacarpal joint is the second most common location for osteoarthritis in the wrist and hand, and is the most common arthritic condition of the upper extremity to be treated with surgery. Basal joint arthritis is usually seen in patients aged 50 to 70, and occurs more frequently in women than men. Patients often present with pain, instability, or weakness associated with pinch motions or activities where the thumb bears weight.

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LRTI stands for ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition. Joints are formed where two bones meet. Your joints are lined with smooth tissue known as cartilage.

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Arthritis at the base of the thumb is one of the most common locations and can be very disabling. Because the strength and motion of the thumb is required for nearly every activity - whether writing, opening a jar, or buttoning a shirt - pain from this condition may impede the most basic everyday tasks. Like other forms of osteoarthritisbasal thumb arthritis develops when cartilage on the surfaces of the bones that meet at the joint wears away and the metacarpal bone begins to slip out of the joint.

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Thumb arthritis is common with aging and occurs when cartilage wears away from the ends of the bones that form the joint at the base of your thumb — also known as the carpometacarpal CMC joint. Thumb arthritis can cause severe pain, swelling, and decreased strength and range of motion, making it difficult to do simple tasks, such as turning doorknobs and opening jars. Treatment generally involves a combination of medication and splints.

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During a physical exam, your doctor will ask about your symptoms and look for noticeable swelling or lumps on your joints. Your doctor might hold your joint while moving your thumb, with pressure, against your wrist bone. If this movement produces a grinding sound, or causes pain or a gritty feeling, the cartilage has likely worn down, and the bones are rubbing against each other.

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Trigger finger is a common problem that can cause a locking sensation and pain in one or more fingers. This condition tends to be more frequent in the thumb, middle, and ring finger. This disorder is usually linked to repeatedly grasping or gripping a certain object steering wheel while driving, a racket while playing tennis or badminton, or even a cellphone, for instance.

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A joint is formed when two bones meet and articulate, which allows movement. Joints are lined with smooth cartilage that allows for the easy movement of one bone relative to another. Osteoarthritisor degenerative arthritis, is a process that occurs with aging and describes the deterioration of the joint cartilage. Thumb arthritis is the second most common type of arthritis in the hand; the most prevalent hand arthritis involves the last joint in each finger.


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