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You have to use the shampoo and conditioner I use box dye all the time and it works great Yes yes yes i'm so happy for you guys to be back!!!!!!!!!. I made so many people watch this amazing video You are an inspiration! Whoever produces them is very talented, too Music is beautiful, filming and editing, too It's a perfect little movie with a beautiful story Thank you!

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More than k likes and 20m views in 7 days Super impressive what you can do with some skills and time with ordinary objects Looks amazing bro! Also, loving the music used in this. Shout out korea!!!

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Omg alexis and alix again yay!! Woah another where in the world I love these ones Where to get a facial. We have smartphones I know nothing about Carmen San Diego I send valentines gifts to children until 7th year Just when I thought I was done watching youtube videos today, I see a Scotty Kilmer video and justify wasting the past 45 minutes by learning something useful.

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Thanks for your patience and support. Now the third clip is ready: What is a V-shaped torso? Not only visually eye pleasing, but also useful lol. Thanks again for those in-site messages.

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