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But when you get a penis piercing, your penis is the organ being penetrated. But for many body modification enthusiasts, the end results are worth it. Getting a penis piercing is serious business: not only do you have to get accustomed to living with a shiny new permanent accessory on your junk, but it can also seriously affect every other aspect of your genital functioning, from your sex life to how you pee.

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The apadravyalike the ampallangis a piercing that passes through the glans. While the ampallang passes horizontally through the glans, the apadravya passes vertically through the glans from top to bottom, almost always placed centrally and passing through the urethra. Off-center apadravyas are also possible, wherein the piercing is deliberately offset, yet usually still passes through the urethra.

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Still need help? Let one of our condom and safer sex experts help you out! We have been the "friend in the business" for nearly 20 years to hundreds of thousands of customers.

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If you are unable to find the information you are looking for please contact our Pierced Customer Service and we will help answer your questions. When it comes to piercings, most of us immediately turn our thoughts to the typical: earnosetongue and so on…. But one type of piercing that is both fringe and increasing in popularity are male genital piercings.

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The Prince Albert PA is one of the most common male genital piercings. While some piercers may choose to avoid the nerve bundle that runs along the center of the frenulum altogether, others may choose otherwise. Otherwise, the piercing must be done off-centre so that the surrounding skin can reposition itself.

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I frequently get asked which of the male genital piercings is the best for providing additional stimulation to a female partner during intercourse. I'm willing to divulge that my personal favorite is the apadravya for g-spot stimulation. Note that your sexual fit as a couple is an important consideration as to whether a piercing on this part of the penis—the glans—is a good idea.

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Show 40 80 items per page. Captive bead ring, 12 ga. Steel Ball Circular Barbell, 16 Ga. Captive bead ring, 14 ga.

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Below are some helpful tips for keeping your piercings happy and healthy when inserting or removing jewelry. For detailed information on how each type of jewelry works, see our page on different jewelry types. At Infinite, most ear piercings along with nostril, eyebrow, and lip piercingsare done with press-fit jewelry.

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The Prince Albert, or PA is one of the most common genital piercing, and was one of the most popular body piercing sites overall at the inception of modern body piercing. The Prince Albert is the cock piercing from the outside of the frenulum and into the urethra. The piercing looks good and increases erotic stimulation when the cock ring moves or rotates through the urethra.


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