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Verified by Psychology Today. Resolution, Not Conflict. What helps kids to cease sucking their fingers or thumbs?

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She has been sucking hers for 37 years. She reserves her habit for bed, although her thumb still sneaks into her mouth when she is tired or stressed. Her teeth are fine and she struggles to sleep without it, so she has no plans to stop.

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However, once a child reaches school age, she is expected to have stopped sucking her thumb. For the child who continues to suck her thumb, the habit has become a crutch. At this point, it will take patience, understanding and a joint effort by both the child and her parents to eliminate the prolonged habit.

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From infancy, children use sucking behaviors to calm themselves. In fact, plenty of parents rely on pacifiers, teething toys, and other items designed for children to suck on in order to encourage emotional regulation in their children. As children get older, they may develop the habit of finger or thumb sucking. Unfortunately, thumb sucking can have long-lasting negative side effects if the habit persists past age four.

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Thumb sucking stock photos and royalty-free images. Top Collection thumb sucking. Vectors thumb sucking.

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Let I-Ortho help you break your child's thumb-sucking habit. If thumb or finger sucking persists after baby teeth erupted it can have life-long effects. Is there any image that illustrates the comforts of babyhood better than a sleepy infant sucking its thumb?

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Thumb sucking is a problem in the older child. Parents know that their children need to stop once they get to a certain age. But parents may not know an effective way to make help their children break the habit.

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Babies have a natural reflex to suck, yet some children and adults find thumbsucking a difficult habit to break. In any case, be patient and persistent if you want to see results. Try to avoid giving them another comfort object, like a blanket, which can be lost or forgotten.

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February 19, The mum, a psychologist who specialises in addiction, doesn't see the point in trying to stop the habit she has had since when she was little. Thumb sucking can be a hard habit to kick, as Marlene Headington, a psychologist specialising in addiction, knows.

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