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Humans, as well as their closest ancestors, the higher African primates, exhibit female-biased survival and multiple sex differences in causes of death. However, the effects of sex on aging and longevity in an excellent model of human health, the companion dog, have not been well explored. Using two large independent databases on companion dog longevity and causes of death, we performed the most extensive analysis of sex differences in dog aging to date.

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Customer Service for Subscribers. Why do dogs hump? Puppies begin humping each other early, and if it's not trained out of them, the behavior can develop into a habit or signal serious medical problems.

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Welcome to Bark After Darka series of hilarious but slightly unusual articles we post in the wee hours of the morning for you weirdos night owls. Not for the faint of heart, weak of stomach, or low of humor. Female dogs need not be offended if their mate falls asleep post-coitus.

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Pet owners are usually extremely concerned about any kind of sexual or so-called behaviours that they observe in their pets. Asexuality is the reference status for an animal that is supposed to be a kind of living toy and the vet will be immediately called in case of anything that could look like sexual behaviour. This must always be approached delicately, because of the many interpretations that are made by the owners.

Canine reproduction is the process of sexual reproduction in domestic dogswolvescoyotes and other canine species. In domestic dogs, sexual maturity puberty occurs between the ages of 6 to 12 months for both males and females, although this can be delayed until up to two years of age for some large breeds. The average length of the reproductive cycle for females is 2—4 weeks.

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Humans take years to develop. Dogsin our eyes, mature almost overnight. One morning you have an adorable, leggy puppy on your hands, and the next your puppy is starting to act like a teenager, complete with mood swings and behavioral changes.

As a veterinarian, I regularly recommend that intact dogs be neutered, for one, as a means of population control. Interestingly, most clients have no qualms about fixing their female dog; however, for some men, the mention of surgery for their male dog puts them on the defensive. Can we at least get testicular implants?

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The urge to reproduce is powerful in all higher animals, including dogs. Although a young puppy does not have the urge to procreate, males do engage in sexual play in the form of mounting, as early as 5 weeks. At this stage, they probably have no idea what they are rehearsing, though successful mounting presumably establishes something about the relationship between two pups. Human observers ascribe the behavior to the establishment of dominance, which is true, but then again sex and politics are often intertwined.

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See files for Dogs. If you see your male dog mounting other male dogs, then it can may seem like confusing behavior. It raises certain questions about their actions and it may even embarrass some others at the dog park, not that it should.

Humping is a common behaviour in dogs. We may see humping behaviour when dogs are playing, fighting, during mating and even when they are alone with us or bored. When dogs play, they are constantly incorporating a multitude of behaviours in different sequences.


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