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Jump to navigation. Has your teenager complained about being extremely tired lately? Has your teen increased their sleep and you notice they are still tired?

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Back to Sleep and tiredness. It may feel like your teenager is sleeping their life away. Our sleep patterns are dictated by light and hormones.

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Besides leaving your teen yawning and cranky during the day, sleep deprivation can increase the chances that he or she will perform poorly in school, become depressed or stressed out, get colds more frequently, or have an accident while driving. If your teen seems tired and irritable all the time, you might blame these changes on the infamous hormonal swings that accompany adolescence, but they could be signs of insufficient sleep. First off, your teen may claim to not have enough time to sleep, given all the homework and other responsibilities that he or she has.

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My 14 year old daughter Isabel brings up the rear behind two older brothers, who are 19 and The boys took my wife and I to the brink of sanity but we survived and recovered just in time for another adolescent siege. Besides, she was a spirited girl with a passion for life and could marshall energy for all of her activities, which included school and club soccer, theater, church youth group, sleepovers, etc. Then she started taking naps after school.

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Chronic fatigue syndrome CFSor ME as it's better known, is more common than previously thought, particularly among year-old girls. One in 40 teenage girls has ME, according to the researchers from the University of Bristol. They looked at the condition in over 5, children and found that girls were almost twice as likely as boys to have the condition.

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But in some uncommon cases, debilitating symptoms — such as joint pain and exhaustion — persist. A new survey published in the journal Pediatrics suggests that about 1 out of teenagers are diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome CFS. More on TIME.

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Parents, educators, and kids often wonder why teenagers seem so tired all of the time. Tiredness is unfortunately an imprecise term. My first step is differentiating between fatigue and sleepiness, although they can travel together :.

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Chronic fatigue syndrome CFS is a complicated disease for doctors to diagnose — and even fully understand. CFS is a physical condition, but it can also affect a person psychologically. This means that someone with CFS may feel physical symptoms, such as being very tired and weak extreme fatigueheadachesor dizziness. But the person may also notice emotional symptoms, such as a loss of interest in favorite activities.

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At initial assessment, their mean SD age was The mean follow-up duration was 2. At follow-up, the mean SD age was

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Bojana Galic is the staff writer for Livestrong. She completed her undergrad education at New York University in From school work to sports practice and extracurricular activities, teenagers typically have a lot on their plates—not to mention the hormonal shifts of puberty.


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