Evolution of the pandas thumb

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Antievolutionists often express outrage over alleged incivility from those who oppose their efforts to evade the establishment clause of the First Amendment. But they have no difficulty in dishing out the abuse themselves. Here is a sample from the Invidious Comparisons thread that documents egregious behavior on the part of the religious antievolution advocates.

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Saturday 07 September UK News feed. The riddle of the panda's thumb - one of the classic stories used to illustrate evolution - is even more remarkable than scientists had thought, according to a study published this week. Inthe late and highly-regarded evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould celebrated the concept of contingency in evolution with the development of the giant panda's false thumb.

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Wilson inscribed a motto from Pliny, the great natural historian who died in his boots when he sailed across the Bay of Naples to study the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in A. He suffocated in the same vapors that choked the citizens of Pompeii.

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All rights reserved. With so many creatures jockeying for your attention and perhaps chasing you down for lunchyou might well miss the creature shown here. Most big carnivorous mammals of the time were restricted to the ground; some may have been able to climb up tree trunks and onto bigger boughs.

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Some panda species have strange thumb-like appendages, but their thumbs evolved for strikingly different reasons. My particular subgenre of choice has been videos of animals eating. Animals, after all, consume food using an impressive range of bio-mechanisms: Dogs and cats, for example, use physics, taking advantage of the surface tension of water by drawing up columns of liquid with their tongues.

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I blacked out at the gym and, when I collided with the floormat, the temple of my glasses punctured my face. As the gym's lifeguards told my wife when they ushered her in to see me, though, the damage looked worse than it actually was. I'm fine - just a few stitches, and all the high-tech investigations of my circulatory system have not turned up anything sinister - but I have taken a less frantic writing pace this week.

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John Maynard Smith. HistoryNatural historyScience, technology and mathematicsBiology. Pandas are peculiar bears, which spend most of their days munching bamboo.

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The comment read:. You obviously have either no understanding of how biology works. Or your religious bias is making you outright lie. Please stop publishing biased articles.


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