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Gametophyte development and reproduction of the Asian fern Polystichum polyblepharum Roem. Migliaro 1 Estimated H-index: 1. Estimated H-index: 3.

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The living Lycopodiales are the representatives of a group which, during the Carboniferous period, formed the chief vegetation. Many of the types then growing, e. Image Courtesy : upload.

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The spores germinate and mature into a small plant called a prothallus which is the area for sexual reproduction. CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]. At the end of six weeks or so the prothallus will perhaps appear, certainly in a week or two more; perhaps from unforeseen circumstances not for three months.

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The life cycle of ferns is different from other land plants as both the gametophyte and the sporophyte phases are free living. This interactive illustrates the alternation of generations in ferns. Meiosis is a type of cell division that produces gametes — cells that contain half the number of chromosomes than the parent cell.

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This preview shows page 6 - 7 out of 7 pages. Subscribe to view the full document. I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer.

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It has been mainly, perhaps, owing to the fact that the various members of the Psilotaceae are confined to tropical and subtropical regions, and to the temperate countries of the Southern Hemisphere, that our knowledge of the gametophyte and of the embryogeny of the sporophyte of this interesting group of plants has increased so slowly. This order has been the last to yield information with regard to the early stages in the life-history of its members, and so to furnish evidence which may help us to form reasonable theories concerning its genetic relationships. The genus Tmesipterisfor example, is confined to Australia, New Zealand, and certain Pacific islands, and hence has remained for the most part beyond the reach of European and American botanists.

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Sporophyte morphology and gametophyte development of the fern Blechnum sprucei Pteridophyta: Blechnaceae. Rolleri 2. It is a distinctive, somewhat vulnerable, mostly orophilous species.

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Gametophytes of Onoclea sensiblis L. The fern gametophyte is a small plant that exists as a prolonged intermediate in the fern life cycle, between the germination of a spore and the mature sporophyte. Following its emergence from a spore, it grows from two cells into a distinctively shaped structure containing several hundred cells. The other end manifests an array of long, filamentous rhizoids that have the appearance, and apparently serve the same function, as root hairs.

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Ferns are leafy vascular plants. While they have veins that permit the flow of water and nutrients like conifers and flowering plants, their life cycle is very different. Conifers and flowering plants evolved to survive hostile, dry conditions.

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Enviado por Patrick Menezes Consorte flag Denunciar. Meiosis Meiosis is a type of cellular division in which each daughter cell receives only one complete set of chromosomes. Therefore, the resulting cells have half as many chromosomes as the parent cells had. In general, this mechanism generates the gametes, but mosses generate haploid spores in the capsule of the sporophyte.


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