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Other stars had more active love lives, more stunning faces, more Oscars, more drama. She averaged five films a year, playing the tomboy, the burlesque dancer, and the good girl with equal skill. In her best films, she eats the role for breakfast.

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He and Stanwyck eventually became estranged. He being Frank, the husband, or Dion, the son? Can someone who knows clarify the sentence?

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We can't say with absolute certainty that Barbara Stanwyck was a lesbian, but there are enough innuendo and rumor about the iconic actress's personal life that it seems pretty likely Stanwyck was at least open to girl-on-girl action. And even if she weren't a lesbian, her brassy and butch nature, both onscreen and off, garnered her a loyal following from lesbians and gays alike. So, for today's Today in Gay History, we celebrate Stanwyck's July 16, birth with seven bits of trivia that, when taken together, paint a pretty good picture of Stanwyck's life, career, and legacy.

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Any mention of her sexual preferences would immediately bring forth veiled threats of litigation should the subject be pursued. Cruise does the same thing today. Mention his name in connection with homosexuality or bisexuality and he will threaten to sue. The sarcasm was obvious but, apparently, the writers felt it necessary just to keep on the safe side.

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There are fewer things that express the legacy and magnitude of Hollywood as a giant industry than the career of Barbara Stanwyck. The American actress had a career that lasted for 60 years in the industry, becoming one of the greatest stars to ever grace the screen in the process. An industry as old and influential as Hollywood has a history filled with secrets, excellence, and drama; so does the life of Barbara Stanwyck.

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American screen legend Barbara Stanwyck was born on this day in The lesbian starlet spent many years of her life as the highest paid woman in the U. In her heyday, Barbara Stanwyck was famous for her film noirs, and in her later years, she rose to prominence once again for her western films x.

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Ah, but Miss Hepburn is still alive, so Axel Madsen has to proceed more cautiously here - though he does produce damning evidence that she wore trousers a lot. Otherwise, if I understand Madsen's argument correctly, every Hollywood actress you've ever heard of from the first 30 years of talking pictures was a raving dyke: in public, their image was Lassie, Come Homein private, more accurate typecasting would have been Reform School Sluts On The Lam. You know the schoolboy's habit of concealing some sleazy and sensationalist tome under a staid cover?

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Starting as a Ziegfeld girl in the s, she was a film and television star, known during her year career as a consummate and versatile professional for a strong, realistic screen presence. A favorite of directors including Cecil B. ByStanwyck had become the highest-paid woman in the United States.

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When a major star played an unapologetically lesbian role with a glamorous young actress as the object of her affection, it was a boon to representation, writes Spencer Jones. The s were pivotal in many respects, and with the advent of free love and the weakening of the Production Code the predecessor to the MPAA rating systemgay characters could open the closet door a bit wider than before. When Stanwyck accepted the role of Jo, she was aware that her character was a lesbian, and she had no qualms with it. But byStanwyck could plunge into just about any project, good or bad, and emerge with her career intact.


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